You Will Be Free Indeed

H.A.D. Ministries is God’s hand extended to anyone afflicted by the bondage of drugs or alcohol. This ministry is for those who have come to the end of themselves and want God’s help and direction to begin again–saved and committed to the Lord and His church–and clean from all addictions.

Come Join Us on February 23rd, 2022

We are going to be at Set Free Church in Elma on Febrary 23rd at 6pm. We will give testimony of what God has done for us and that He wants to do it again! Come join us!

Set Free Church
427 W Main St
Elma WA 98541

Important Information for 2021-22

“You are being built into a spiritual house…you are a chosen people so that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light…once you had not received mercy but now you have received mercy”

                                             1 Peter 2: 5-10


            When the Lord presented this verse to me, I knew that the call was real, and He was planning something much bigger than we had dreamed for HAD Ministries. This faith walk has been nothing but that, hearing the voice of God and being obedient (Romans 4:1-9). We are so grateful for all of the love and support we have received from you.

            Two months ago, we got a word from the Lord that He would be sending us to Set Free Northwest to develop a program/schedule to start our own Set Free on the Peninsula. Not really knowing what to expect we just prayed and waited on the Lord. Shortly after we were contacted by the Pastor and Director of the Women’s Ministry at Set Free Northwest explaining to us that they are dealing with a lot of warfare and were hoping we could come and help. Knowing it was from the Lord, we didn’t hesitate and the following week we made a plan to stay in Chehalis Wednesday through Saturday every week until the Lord moves on a house for us.

            When we came to Chehalis, we were met with open arms. We are working closely with the new intakes and some of the ladies who have been in the program for longer. We are teaching classes, doing community time, sharing meals, and living alongside them. We have seen these ladies pressed in, asking questions, and seeking the Lord. One of the ladies we have been in prayer for has wanted to leave and go back to the street’s day after day, but we have watched the power of prayer draw her back in and God’s goodness pour out over her. She is fighting her demons, recognizing the truth and pressing in. The other new intake has found some restoration with her two children and invited her mom and children to church, and they agreed to come! One foot in front of the other, and we are seeing these ladies saved, healed, and delivered!

          We are looking to involve the community, churches and all of our friends who know they are called to help and support this vision for our area. We are committed to seeing this through; we know God has a plan for the lonely and the broken who are on the streets looking for a God that they don’t know loves them and has great plans for their lives.

            Please pray and ask the Lord how he’s directing you to partner with this vision. As the ministry grows, we have financial needs for administration and program directors support, developing and training, as well as books, Bibles, and materials that go along with the program that the Lord has for the Set Free in the Peninsula, as well as continuing support for Kitsap Recovery Center. We must raise $24,000 to begin and truly launch this vision. Just click on the Give Here button at the top of the page. If you prefer to donate other ways, please respond to this email and we can get you set up with whatever is best for you. Please join us in prayer as we fight for breakthrough with the women we are currently working with, for God’s perfect vision for this house that is coming, and for provision for us and the ministry to accomplish all of the work God has called us to do. 


Shannon and Caleb Fahey

HAD Ministries Directors




Come to a Sunday Church Service

SOZO Church
25140 WA-3,
Belfair, WA 98528
9:00 am &
11:30 am
Questions? Call us directly: Shannon 253-432-1421 or Caleb 253-432-9060

Support HAD

HAD Ministries has a BIG God dream and plans. We are dedicated to seeing those dreams and plans come to life! We provide bibles, books, on-on-one mentorship, prayer support, and teach the gospel. Weekly we provide two church services at Kitsap Recovery Center as well as traveling down to Set Free Ministries in Elma (monthly), bringing a message of hope to those who are in bondage. We are led to create a culture that includes refuge, shelter and many other services to those who are coming out of addiction and trauma but we can’t do that without your help! Consider sowing into the vision that God has given HAD Ministries and lets make a difference in our community. 

Hear the testimonies of people who have been touched by the Lord and celebrate all of what God is doing!

Church Services

SOZO Church
25140 WA-3,
Belfair, WA 98528
Sunday services 9am and 11:30am

Set Free Ministries

Set Free provides shelter and discipleship training. Come as you are and be filled with the truth and good news of the gospel. 


The Ministry

H.A.D. Ministries stands for Hope for Addiction and Dependencies. It was established in 1985 by a couple who had a burning heart for Jesus and wanted to see those who were in recovery have the option to enter into a relationship with Him while still finding the support of a community that understood their personal struggles. This couple established a relationship with the Kitsap County Court System, Drug Court, and Kitsap Recovery Center making H.A.D. Ministries recognized as a court-approved sober support meeting, an alternative to A.A. or N.A. This opened the door for many who wanted a place to worship Jesus and talk freely about their struggles with everyday life coming out of addiction. Many have been affected by H.A.D. Ministries throughout the years. Carrie Ahrendt (the original director) poured her life into many people making it possible for Heather Garner to take over the ministry and do the same. As you will read in our story Caleb and Shannon took over in Summer 2019 and here, we are today.

The Mission


H.A.D. Ministries envisions the Lord moving in big ways for the Peninsula area and throughout the nation by setting people free from the bondage of addictions and dependencies. We believe God is raising an army of fearless leaders to take back the ground that the devil has stolen through addiction, homelessness, and hopelessness. We are mandated to be a strength to the needy, a shelter to the poor; commanded to make disciples and go about raising the dead, healing the sick, cleansing the lepers, and casting out demons and we will do just that. Jesus told us “whatever you did for one of the least of these, you did for Me” and we know that we were born to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

It is not enough just to tell someone about Jesus. Salvation is just the beginning. If we house a stranger, feed the needy, clothe the naked, and disciple those who have received salvation then we are fulfilling what Jesus has asked us to do. Walking beside people daily in relationship as a family. Doing life together and growing, mothering and fathering a generation who need to know who they are and what they have been put on this earth for. We aim to help everyone we come in contact with know how the enemy got in, and how to keep him out!

What does this look like now?

Right now, H.A.D. Ministries goes into Kitsap Recovery Center located inside of the Kitsap County Jail 2-days a week preaching the gospel, providing books and Bibles. Kitsap Recovery Center is one of two 30-day inpatient drug treatment facilities and is the only detox center in Kitsap County. We have seen many moves of God inside of the facility in the short 30-days we get to build relationship with those inside; salvations, healings, families restored, encounters with Jesus, as well as the reality of the encounters with the demonic. We are able to teach, pray, and encourage them as they grow in a relationship with Jesus. But, as many of you know, this relationship can fade fast when you have nowhere to land outside of the safety of the facility. Many long to be in a community of believers but do not have the right places to go. That is where H.A.D. Ministries is hoping to come in!

We are currently training and serving at Set Free Ministries in Chehalis (Woman’s Facility). This facility provides faith-based housing, food, and clothing for women and men at no initial cost to them. They can come, in any condition, to lay their head in the safety of a home with a commitment to want to change. This is not a facility that one would come and go. A commitment must be made. H.A.D Ministries is wanting to do the same for those in need in this area; providing a safe haven without the need to pay or be sober first. If you want to change, we want to help.

Our Vision

What does this look like moving forward? As we have prayed and sought the Lord, we feel it is time to start a meeting for sober support. This used to be one of the main functions for H.A.D Ministries. When Caleb and Shannon took this ministry over, the Lord told them to shut everything down except the ministry inside of the Recovery Center. He instructed them to receive more training, equipping, and healing before moving forward with growing the ministry. So, they did just that and have taken the last two years to press into two different schools, inner healing, and are completing a 2nd year with the Sozo School of Ministry starting this fall.

Our plan is to start the sober support meeting, open to the public, in January of 2022. We are still seeking the location for this meeting, and we will be

announcing that via social media and email  when we have more information. This meeting can be a bridge to support those who are wanting to be free from the life of addiction into a life with Christ. Helping direct people to the community they are searching for to grow with a church community, serve, and help restore hope.

Something else God has put on our heart is to petition the Kitsap County Jail to reestablish the “Religious Coordinator” position. Many years ago, there was a ministry who had KEYS to the jail and was able to go in a preach, pray, and provide Bibles and books to the inmates. They were even allowed one-on-one visits inside of the jail throughout the day. This service was such a help to Shannon as well as many who were able to ask questions and get more information on how to find Jesus! I would say this one-on-one time can really impact a person who is sitting in a jail cell who is contemplating what the point is if this is all for nothing. If no one cares and there is no family to reach out to, they need the connection with the love of God through His vessels.

And finally, the house. The physical resting place where those who are in need can land and find refuge. This house would provide programing for people to enter into and receive salvation, water baptism, spirit and power (Acts 2), healing and deliverance. Our goal is to raise disciples and send them out. Whether that is local missions, working in the five-fold ministry, global missions, or to go home and be a father or mother to their children learning to work, maintain a job or to start a business to help boost the economy around them; all while serving Christ. H.A.D. Ministries wants to provide options for people to grow, not just get sober and live an OK life. We want to raise them to walk in their God-given purpose. God is raising up a team of leaders who are willing to walk beside these people daily in relationship and discipleship.

At large, we see this as the beginning of something that can be life-changing for this area and for the nation. Consider partnering with us as we take back the ground that the enemy has stolen from our sons and daughters. We all know someone who lives this story, the lost sheep. Be a part of providing a place that the prodigal can come home to the Father!

Ministries and Resources

HAD Ministries partners with other ministries to help facilitate the needs of all who come to us for help. We attend Sunday church services with Sozo Church in Belfair at 9am and 11:30am

Set Free Men’s and Women’s Ministries

Set Free provides shelter and a Jesus based program with a commitment of at least 3 months (up to 1 year to graduate). This program says “come as you are” and be filled with the truth and good news of the gospel. If you are interested in changing your life and you need a supportive family to do so please contact Mike or Debbie at Set Free
Men’s Ministry Pastor Mike: 360-310-0577
Women’s Ministry Debbie: 360-292-8878

Ekballo School of Ministry in Hawaii

Ekballo House is a missional community based in Hawai’i, training up leaders and multiplying houses of prayer. Their vision is to help train and equip this generation to fulfill their God given destiny through radical obedience to Jesus. This school is designed to create a space for students to know the Lord and recognize His voice.